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Optimization of ‘Corporate Correspondence’ in a digital environment

Webinar OnDemand
Webinar OnDemand

PUBLISHED: 25 May 2021

DURATION: 60 minutes




Correspondence Management is facing new challenges as digitalization keeps growing in every business unit and users need for autonomy and control increases. Join this webinar to learn how to fully manage official physical and electronic communications in an compliant, efficient and systems-integrated way for any orgazanition. You will discover how to achieve a zero paper process and never lose track of a communication, while allowing users to rule the correspondence flow and exploit their data.

During this webinar of AnswerModules and Techedge you will:
  • Understand the challenges and requirements of any Correspondence Management System.
  • Learn how Dgtal Courier will help to overcome everyday problems regarding correspondence monitoring, confidenciality, delegation, autenticity or service availavility.
  • Know our electronic office, the tool that will allow your customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders to easily manage their communications with your company.

With Dgtal Courier, your correspondence process will finally achieve:

  • Paper reduction to lead the business towards a zero paper office.
  • Reduction of management times thanks to the automation and optimization of the Correspondence process and distribution.
  • Traceability and consultation in real time due to the centralization of information and document management based on Opentext Content Server and AnswerModules.
  • Reports and analytics to understand how the process works and support strategic decision making.
  • Parameterizable and scalable to the needs and processes of each company
  • Enabling own corporate communication formats

¡The option of having a configurable, secure solution that provides full traceability of the Correspondence process, also enables strategic decision making thanks to multiple existing reports!


Our Agenda

1- Correspondence management with Dgtal Courier
2- Challenges and requirements
     Our value proposition
3- Manage Electronic Correspondence
4- Optimize Physical Correspondence
5- Dgtal Courier: Administration and management
6- Start discovering great benefits
7- Questions & Answers

Meet your host

Moisés Chica

Webinar OnDemand