Defend SAP Against New Vulnerabilities

The holy grail of a cyber criminal is to identify a software vulnerability and exploit it before a patch is widely deployed. These Zero Day Exploits are some of the most dangerous tools in cybercrime, where proactive customers evade the attack while the slow movers fall victim.

We’ll review the layers of the SAP technology stack and discuss approaches to reducing the risk of new vulnerabilities being exploited successfully.

About the Speaker

Jon Friesen

Chief Technologist of Monocle Systems

Jon Friesen has been an SAP Basis consultant and ABAP programmer since 1995. With more than 20 years of experience in the SAP hosting industry, Jon speaks widely on topics such as SAP cybersecurity, SAP deployments in the cloud, and large scale SAP system management. Jon is Chief Technologist of Monocle Systems, an SAP and AWS partner, and leads Monocle's Basis and Cybersecurity practices.