Pair your next EHP upgrade with HANA migration for a more efficient use of time and money

For SAP centric IT organizations, the migration of their SAP ECC to the HANA platform is a necessary evolution that will open endless possibilities. What was part of SAP's vision and strategic roadmap yesterday, is today a concrete platform that IT organizations are rapidly adopting, enabling their business to capture more value, faster - thanks to the disruptive effect of SAP HANA.

Unprecedented speed, real-time business intelligence and consumer grade user experience are only a few of the benefits introduced with the migration. For most organizations the advantages are clear; the real question is how to minimize risk and migrate to SAP ECC on HANA in a cost effective manner that fully leverages the new features.


Upgrades and Enhancement Packages (EhP) are already part of the yearly maintenance plan for every IT organization.

The key activities required are technical preparation (platform upgrade & code adjustment) and testing (no regression and UAT).

Although the tools and platforms are different, the SAP HANA migration involves very similar activities; in fact, the migration can be performed independently as a heterogeneous database migration or combined with an Enhancement Package upgrade.


SAP HANA Migration + EhP Upgrade: get turbo-charged in 12 - 16 weeks!
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Our proprietary Migration Methodology is designed to minimize risk and reduces the time and effort needed.

We take a consolidated, risk averse, yet lean approach to migration to SAP HANA that guarantees success, even in the most complex landscapes with concurrent projects. With more than 150 TB of migration (including one of the largest HANA migrations worldwide) we are uniquely positioned to effectively guide your transformation.

[fa icon="calendar"] PLAN & EVALUATE

  • This is the stage in which we share and review with the client's team the entire project strategy and execution phases to make sure that all the details have been worked out and are clear to the entire project team.

  • We then assess the migration impact by creating a Sandbox environment. This provides information about the overall business downtime (trend) and helps assess impacts and risks in order to define a mitigation plan.

[fa icon="wrench"] PREPARE & TEST

  • In this phase, the development environment is copied and contextually migrated to SAP HANA; this is the time in which the code is adjusted and validated to be HANA compliant.

  • Once all the code is adjusted, it's time to create the SAP HANA quality assurance environment, this time as a copy of production. Then we import the changes done in HANA development as well as the changes that made it to production on the mainstream landscape

[fa icon="spinner"] DRY RUN & DAY IN LIFE

  • Using a temporary copy of production we simulate the detailed cutover process that will be executed for the productive environment. This allows optimization, timing, and fine tuning of the final procedure.

  • Once the Dry Run procedure is completed, a set of Rehearsal Tests is executed on the system to simulate a real "Day in the life of the system", replicating a usage as close as possible to the production.

[fa icon="rocket"] MIGRATE & SUPPORT

  • The production environment is copied and contextually migrated to SAP HANA. Then, the environment is validated, kicked-off and released to end users. We are Live!

  • Depending on the complexity of the environment, user base and distribution, two to four weeks of post go-live support are more than enough to ensure that operations are running smoothly and users are getting comfortable with your new SAP ECC on HANA!


Migration to SAP HANA is an ideal time to continue enhancing your organization. Our global User Experience Center of Excellence empowers the deployment of custom and standard Fiori applications to offer the productivity gains without complicated execution.

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