Not just a technology conversation.

Marketing Automation is rapidly becoming a more strategic asset for organizations who have realized that the ability to elaborate customer insights is the difference between an advocate and a former customer.

Implementing Marketing Automation successfully requires a good strategy that focuses on the alignment of different organizational departments around a clear methodology.

At the same time, the adoption of the new generation of digital technologies that can guarantee management of a large amount of data, real time execution of automated processes and advanced analytics, is vital.

At Techedge, we strongly believe that this is far more than just a technology conversation.

Our goal is to make our clients evaluate the success of their Marketing Automation transformation initiative by measuring real revenue, and we have developed a complete set of services that can be leveraged in a modular fashion depending on their specific needs.

From Strategic Consulting to Change Management, from Solution Implementation to full managed services, our Approach focuses on a few key objectives:

  • Provide a fast and clear path to Marketing Automation Success

  • Provide a single point of contact for both Marketing and Technology expertise

  • Minimize the risk of Marketing Automation Failure

  • Ensure our customers’ teams gain the capabilities they need to industrialize the process

  • Provide business results within months

We leverage a very structured methodology that is designed to help organizations move towards Marketing Automation by working in parallel on strategy, organizational change management and technology enablement.

We believe that having a single trusted partner is strategic for a successful transformation; in fact, our team is composed by expert practitioners in Marketing, Digital, Social, Analytics, Strategy and Technology who have been working with clients throughout our journey for the last then years.

We are helping global companies develop these capabilities and capture the value of the digital transformation. Can we help you?