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Kai-Olaf Dammenhain

Partner, Managing Director beNIMBL Germany

Kai-Olaf Dammenhain
Managing Partner of Techedge Germany, Kai-Olaf has more than 25 years of experience consulting for the Automotive Industry.

He has worked with both OEMs and suppliers to develop best-in-class solutions and processes, fueled by technology, to flexibly overcome the disruption that frequently challenges the industry.

Prior to joining Techedge in 2012, Kai-Olaf held a leadership position with the SAP automotive team and served as head of the automotive supplier group of Central Europe at Capgemini. He started his career working with a subsidiary of the German automotive supplier ZF before transitioning into automotive consulting.

Kai-Olaf earned a Mechanical Engineering degree at the Technical University of Munich and for more than 15 years he has served as a lecturer at the University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart for Industrial Engineering.

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