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In today’s market scenario, speed is everything: organizations need to think and act quickly to stay competitive and continue to thrive.

Our Cloud Native approach allows organizations to take full advantage of innovative technologies, delivering user-friendly solutions that allow an effective answer to their business challenges.

By leveraging the available cloud services, standard or custom-developed features and a lean approach, our team can deliver scalable, secure applications in a few weeks - helping our customers keep the right pace.

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Smart, agile, effective -  anywhere.

As a Software Atelier, we help our clients build competitive advantage through the integration of Cloud Native technologies into all areas of their business. 

Tailor made solutions allow organizations to differentiate from the competition, gaining a competitive edge by driving the business forward to reach new heights in operational efficiency.

With a particular focus on User Experience we ensure our solutions can be easily adopted at all levels with a near-zero learning curve, and accessible everywhere, anytime.
Leveraging advanced capabilities such as AI and Machine Learning, our smart solutions can support your business operations and strategy, helping to make smarter decisions.




A selection of our tailored applications

Workspace Manager & COVID-19 Tracker

Workspace Manager & COVID-19 Tracker is a plug & play cloud solution designed to improve employees safety in COVID-19 times.

It allows a more effective and safe management of workspaces, while granting the ability to track and monitor the workforce probability of being exposed to the virus, thus enabling to take immediate actions to limit the spread.

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Intelligent Venue

The Intelligent Venue permits you to provide a better experience to customers from the parking lot, to the bathroom, to the optimization of waiting lines at POS locations.

Through Intelligent Venue, companies can increase spend per capita and ensure higher brick&mortar retention.

Read our latest Intelligent Venue case study


Supplier Collaboration Portal

The Supplier Collaboration Portal is a collaboration platform designed to support the daily interactions with all your service providers, enabling an easier engagement and communication.




Mobile Payment

Advanced payment solution to increase customer engagement

  • loyalty program
  • different payment methods
  • electronic invoicing




Sharing Services

Consumer application to streamline sharing of digital services among users

  • Real-time geolocalization
  • Resources details
  • Social login
  • Community



Store Receipts Data Analysis

Store Receipts data management platforms that extracts, transforms and loads stores data to BigQuery enabling data aggregation and fast data analysis.





Photoshooting Management

Fully customized, cross-platform and user friendly desktop and mobile applications, designed to accelerate the process of product shooting.





Intelligent Yard Management

Intelligent Yard Management is a complete solution to manage entrances and exits, deliveries and receptions at the factory.

It identifies the trucks when they arrive at the factory, guides them inside the yard and follows the routes and weighing process through IoT communication with beacons. 

The solution can be integrated with the warehouse management picking, providing RFID identification and location, and augmented reality to improve operator experience.


Contract Analysis with Text Mining

A service to analyze mortgage or credit card contracts to check if the characteristics offered by their bank are good, regular or bad, classifying the “quality” or convenience of the contract and locating abusive or negative clauses for the final client.




Top Management Dashboard

A mobile app designed for Top Management users that allows to consult a company's stock performance, market capitalization and key indicators (financials and operationals), comparing their evolutions with those of competitors. 

Through a friendly, innovative UI that grants an optimized user experience on tablet devices, the app allows a faster and simplified fruition and  analysis of business contents.


Home Delivery Data Discovery

Interactive dashboards and documents to analyze the seller's and customer's KPI trend over the years.





Stock Visibility

Solution developed to achieve centralized stock visibility, across channels and stores.






APV Optimization

A Google Suite and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) integrated solution to reduce Annual Purchased Value of recurrent raw material through Operational Research models.





Event Management

A mobile app suite designed to manage corporate events. 

It comprises two different applications: one dedicated to users, the other for events’ managers and hostess.