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Press Releases

18/03/2021Press Release post BoD 18.03.2021.pdf

21/02/202121:20Techedge: Press Release Exercise the Right to Squeeze Out ex art. 111 TUF.pdf

19/02/202114:55Techedge: Communication art. 122 TUF.pdf

22/12/202019:40Techedge: Press Release post BoD 22.12.2020.pdf

01/12/202019:08Techedge: Press Release post BoD 1.12.2020.pdf

20/11/202015:42Techedge: Communication art. 122 TUF.pdf

20/11/202015:32Techedge: Communication art. 122 TUF.pdf

16/11/202020:20Techedge: Communication ex. art. 102 TUF Mandatory Public Tender Offer launched by Temistocle Srl.pdf

29/10/202016:51Techedge:Comunication art. 122 T.U.F..pdf

29/10/202016:14Techedge: Supplement to the press release diffused by Techedge S.p.A. at the request of the shareholders participating in the shareholders' agreement signed on October, 26 .pdf

29/10/202016:09Errata Corrige Techedge: Press Release relating to the subscription of a shareholders' agreement .pdf

24/09/202016:39Techedge: Comunication related comunication ex art.103 TUF.pdf

18/09/202017:52Techedge: Published Half Year Financial Consolidated Report.pdf

11/09/202017:46Techedge: Approved Half Year Consolidated Financial Report as of June, 30 2020.pdf

04/09/202008:33Techedge: Appointed Financial Advisor.pdf

24/08/202023:05Techedge:Comunication art. 122 T.U.F..pdf

10/08/202019:02Techedge: Press Release after Board of Directors Meeting.pdf

06/08/202019:18Techedge: Comunication art. 122 TUF.pdf

13/05/202020:12Techedge: First Meeting new BoD.pdf

29/04/202019:23Shareholder's Meeting concluded.pdf

09/04/202017:50Techedge: Comunication art. 122 TUF.pdf

08/04/202021:11Techedge: Publication BoD lists .pdf

07/04/202008:08Techedge: Documents for Shareholders' Meeting published .pdf

03/04/202017:42Techedge: Update notice of call of ordinary shareholders meeting.pdf

19/03/202018:58Techedge: Notice of call of the ordinary Shareholders' Meeting.pdf

19/03/202018:56Techedge: Documents for Shareholders' Meeting Published.pdf

19/03/202008:25Techedge: Registered New By Law.pdf

17/03/202020:10Techedge: The Board approved FS 2019.pdf

12/03/202018:30Techedge: By Law modified for new gender rules.pdf

17/01/202006:00Techedge: Comunication Art. 122 TUF.pdf

13/01/202017:47Techedge: New General Manager Corporate.pdf

12/12/201918:38Techedge: Financial Calendar 2020 .pdf

19/09/201918:21Techedge: Half Year Report 2019 published.pdf

13/09/201917:38Techedge: The Board of Directors approves Half Year Report as of 30 June 2019.pdf

24/08/201915:40Techedge: Minute of BoD as of 26 July 2019 published.pdf

26/07/201919:20Techedge: Approved Stock Option Plan 2019-2022 regulation.pdf

11/07/201920:20Techedge: Capital Increase for Stock Option Plan 2019_2022.pdf

06/06/201922:30Techedge: Chief Innovation Officer Techedge Espana Sl Resolution.pdf

24/05/201923:10Techedge strengthens the control of the German company.pdf

29/04/201920:00Techedge: Acquisition of innovative start-up participation.pdf

08/04/201922:10Techedge: Annual report 2018 published.pdf

08/04/201922:10Techedge: Filing of the Annual Report 2018.pdf

29/03/201910:20Techedge: Documents for Shareholders' Meeting Published.pdf

29/03/201910:20Techedge: Notice of call of the ordinary Shareholders' Meeting.pdf

25/03/201919:40Techedge:The Board approved FY 2018 Financial Results.pdf

18/01/201919:20Techedge: Exercise of the Greenshoe option - final communication relating to the stabilization activity.pdf

27/12/201817:50Techedge: New By Law available.pdf

17/12/2018Stato attuale immobilizzazioni.pdf

17/12/2018Techedge: The Board of Director Approved Half Year Financial State.pdf

17/12/2018Techedge: Published Half Year Consolidated Financial Report 2020.pdf

21/12/201812:10Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

23/01/201922:00Techedge: Internal Dealing Opzione Greenshoe Di Perna.pdf

23/01/201922:00Techedge: Internal Dealing Opzione Greenshoe Fabrizio .pdf

28/01/201919:00Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

26/02/201920:30Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

01/04/201917:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

30/07/201919:00Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

31/07/201918:40Techedge: Internal Dealing annulla e sostituisce.pdf

08/08/201907:40Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

14/08/201917:56Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

11/10/201907:56Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

14/10/201908:07Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

05/11/201917:54Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

05/11/201918:02Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

11/11/201919:48Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

12/11/201917:45Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

14/11/201917:45Techedge: Internal dealing.pdf

14/11/201917:50Techedge: Internal dealing.pdf

18/11/201918:36Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

19/11/201918:12Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

22/11/201917:46Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

22/11/201917:49Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

29/11/201920:06Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

29/11/201917:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

29/11/201917:55Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

03/12/201918:01Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

03/12/201918:20Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

05/12/201917:54Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

05/12/201918:01Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

09/12/201918:00Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

07/02/202017:40Techege: Internal Dealing.pdf

07/02/202017:40Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

01/10/202018:25Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

01/10/202018:34Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

28/10/202019:15Techedge: Internal dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

18/11/202018:50Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

03/02/202119:52Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

03/02/202119:58Techedge: Internal Dealing.pdf

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