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Minimize risk of suppliers, streamline supply operations and enable full transparency across the value chain, while improving collaboration and partnership across member channels. Learn how to take your Supply Chain operations to the next level.

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Supply Chain Management in the Fashion Industry with SCOR

Improving supply chain operations means having a very clear map of the current and to be status. We leverage the SCOR model, a world class supply chain management model developed by the supply chain council, to help our customers make better, more informed strategic decisions and improve their supply chain operations from planning to delivery.

Supply Chain Optimization for Fashion with SCOR Model

How Techedge can help

Our team of supply chain experts can provide you the advisory, implementation and integration expertise to improve your supply chain operations from end to end, allowing you to:

  • Minimize supplier risk
  • Increase transparency across the value chain
  • Increase collaboration and partnership among channel members

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