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Fashion - Retail Transformation

True Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Transform traditional sales channel management into a seamless omnichannel service model - from demand generation, to returns and refunds: You can digitize your customers experience and boost sales efficacy to earn a larger market share

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Omnichannel Customer Experience for Retail - What is it?

In all forms of retail, the customer experience is characterized by unique phases: Demand, Research, Compare, Purchase, Receive Product, Returns and Refunds.

  • Demand
  • Research
  • Compare
  • Purchase
  • Receive Product
  • Returns & Refunds

In the traditional retail context, these phases were serviced in an always “offline” mode. Meaning that, for example, demand may be generated from home delivered catalogs or advertisements in a city center. Research was conducted browsing through a magazine or entering the store itself. Comparison occurred only in a physical world (before phones could allow consumers to match pricing on the spot), and so on.

Today, fashion retailers are exploring and challenged by the capability to digitize each phase of the customer experience, so that they can establish relations and business with consumers easier.

Fashion Retail Transformation Infographic

How Techedge can help

We go beyond aesthetic improvements to deliver our customers in fashion retail the processes, tools and roadmap needed to reach their strategic goal for omnichannel customer experience.

Techedge offers a full range of innovative technology services and advisory to help you deploy a truly omnichannel customer experience strategy that unifies digital and physical channels & experiences to create a technological and connected involvement with the customer and boost your sales profitability.

Technologies we leverage include:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Back-end management applications

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