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Fashion - Budgeting, Planning and Performance Analytics

Decrease Waste, Improve Profitability

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Improved budgeting, planning and performance analytics to help fashion houses improve sales forecasting, merchandise planning and drive higher profitability.

Discover how Techedge helps fashion companies monitor and manage their visions into a reality with advanced budgeting, planning and performance solutions leveraging artificial intelligence and more.

Budget, Plan, Perform

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The value of innovation in the budgeting, planning and performance processes of Fashion companies

The fashion industry is creative, alive and full of moving parts: from design, to production, sampling, retail, usage and post-sale consumer analysis. Traditionally, however, this industry fails to gain the insight it needs onto critical KPI’s for planning, including:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Merchandise planning
  • Collection profitability

This lack of insights has led fashion companies time and again to adopt sometimes controversial waste management policies and, at the end of the day, undermine the company’s profitability.

How Techedge can help

We offer a series of applications, services and advisory designed for the Fashion Industry to achieve the insights needed to make better decisions for production planning and profitability.

Develop a robust financial consolidation model across diverse business dimensions (brand, region, line, ...)

Trace Margin lifecycle, including markdowns, promotion, etc..

Calculate profitability across channels (brand, region, line, …)

Understand your collection profitability before its made with our Predit solution

Reduce inefficiencies in sampling process

Based on Artificial Intelligence, our forecasting, planning & replenishment solutions will allow you to improve your production and purchasing efficiency.


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