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Governance  / Shareholders' Meeting

Shareholders' Meeting

28/05/2020Minute of Shareholders' Meeting published.pdf

28/05/2020Minute of Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting April 29th 2020.pdf

04/05/2020Summary Account of the Votes on the Items of Agenda.pdf

29/04/2020Shareholder's Meeting concluded.pdf

28/04/2020List 1 - Jupiter Tech Ltd - UniCredit confirmatory statement.pdf

08/04/2020Publication of lists for the Board of Director renewal.pdf

08/04/2020List 1 Jupiter Tech ltd.pdf

08/04/2020List 2 Masada ltd.pdf

08/04/2020List 3 Techies Consulting SL.pdf

08/04/2020Proxy form art. 135 novies TUF.pdf

08/04/2020Proxy form art. 135 undecies TUF.pdf

07/04/2020Annual Report.pdf

07/04/2020Consolidated Discousure of Non-Financial Information 2019.pdf

07/04/2020Remuneration Report 2019.pdf

07/04/2020Corporate Governance Report.pdf

07/04/2020Information Document of Stock option plan.pdf

06/04/2020Update Full Notice of call of Ordinary Shareholders Meeting errata corrige.pdf

03/04/2020Update Full Notice of call of Ordinary Shareholders Meeting.pdf

03/04/2020Update Notice of call of Ordinary Shareholders Meeting.pdf

19/03/2020Director's Report on FS.pdf

19/03/2020Director's Report on Dividend Proposal.pdf

19/03/2020Director's Report on Remuneration Report.pdf

19/03/2020Director's Report on Board Nomination.pdf

19/03/2020Notice of call of Ordinary Shareholders Meeting.pdf

19/03/2020Abstract of the notice of call.pdf

19/03/2020Information on Capital Shares.pdf

19/03/2020Proxy form - not to be used.pdf

19/03/2020Proxy form party appointed - not to be used.pdf