Start by Leveraging the Power of One. 

      A unified source of data for cash flow and Treasury planning ensures that your organization is seeing one version of the truth, thereby gaining more productivity from employees and a shorter end to end cash planning cycle.

      The Techedge FIT solution utilizes a single source of data for end to end cash flow and Treasury planning cycles. By inputting a forecast or actual balance sheet, you can generate a unified forecasting scenario for each area.

      Cashflow forecasts are calculated utilizing a direct accounting method for increased accuracy not currently achievable with the standard excel forms used in many organizations today. Results of the cash forecast are directly imported to Treasury’s plans, generating automated forecast to be reviewed and manipulated by the Treasury team.

      The results? Integrated, accurate financial and Treasury forecast statements form one unified story, from beginning to end.

      Save Time

      Save Time

      Reduce time spent on end to end cash flow planning cycles by up to 92%

      Reveal Opportunities


      Reveal opportunities and risks utilizing the what-if and risk analysis features


      Aim & Achieve

      Acheive 90% planning and forecasting accuracy


      Be Productive

      Remove the need to walk your numbers to some version of the "truth"



      Product Features 

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      Multiple Scenarios & Versioning

      Initialize multiple scenarios with different assumptions to prepare for best case, or worst case scenarios for the same forecast period. 

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      Credit and Cash Management

      Easily simulate short-term funding based on accounts receivable utilizing the factoring & securitization functions and simulate cash concentration with built-in cash pooling models.

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      What-if & Risk Analysis

      Use a scenario or a risk-adjusted planning approach to measure the degree of uncertainty in your predictions

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      Financial Expenses

      Simulate allocation of cash generated on different credit lines, calculate financial expenses and balance cash

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      Manage new and existing and intercompany loans, as well as short & long term loans

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      Working Capital Planning

      Define accurate and detailed estimates of Working Capital with simple parameter inputs and create mock-up scenarios to visualize different scenario effects on working capital



      Based on Oracle Hyperion technology, a leader in cloud innovation, FIT can be implemented in just four weeks.

      FIT solution is available on Oracle Cloud or deployable on-premise


      Interested in getting your cash flow planning more FIT? Let's Connect!