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Trying to understand the value of running SAP in Cloud?

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What are the benefits of running SAP in Cloud?


Today, the position of Cloud technologies as a catalyst for digital transformation has already been confirmed. Companies of all sizes are moving their systems and applications to the cloud with the aim to drive new business value, from the development of new business models, to the improvement of existing ones, and a broad spectrum of value in between.

Instead of asking "why should I implement cloud technology", most CIO's and CTO's today are asking when to implement it and with which type of "as a service" model (Infrastructure, Platform, or Software). The answers to these questions will have an impact on the value that the cloud offers back to the business. 

As of late, much attention is placed on how to generate value from bringing SAP workloads in the Cloud. In this eBook, we present an overview of the cloud service models, the unique benefits presented by each and the scenarios which should drive you to selecting that type of service model. 

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About the Author

Stefano Oddone | Business Development Senior Manager @ Techedge

Stefano holds more than 20 years of experience in the areas of core banking, data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. He has held professional experiences and leadership roles with CGI Consulting (a part of IBM global services), as well as IBM, SAS, Hyperion and Oracle.

Thanks to the completeness and versatility of his background, Stefano is capable of leveraging upon his expertise of enterprise information processes to identify effective solutions to address business needs in complex scenarios. Prior to joining Techedge, Stefano lead the Oracle EPM presales team for the Italian market. He holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering.