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 Moving into the Cloud with the Lift and Shift approach 

Lift and Shift: reduce risk and accelerate the process of change


Companies are increasingly investing in Cloud Computing to gain agility, enable innovation and support exponential growth: by 2024, more than 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud, according to Gartner. As entrepreneurs embrace cloud systems, efficient ways to migrate workloads to this environment must be found. These include applications, databases, websites, storage and several other things.

Lift and shift, also known as rehosting, is one approach for migrating applications to the cloud. This strategy involves no changes to application architecture and hardly any (or no) changes to the application code, consequently enabling a faster migration, with less work and fewer associated costs compared to other models. The lift and shift approach therefore paves the way for IT modernization, shifting to an open, more extensible cloud-based architecture while protecting companies' investments in workflow, logic and business data.

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Discover the Lift and Shift cloud migration approach


This ebook will help you understand:

  • if the lift and shift approach is a  good migration option for your company
  • the key points to consider during the planning phase of a cloud migration
  • the main lift and shift steps required to carry out a smooth migration
  • benefits and challenges of the lift and shift approach in data migration
  • 5 cloud migration strategies you can leverage for your journey to the cloud


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