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Techedge COVID-19 Tracker


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As we drive through the current situation, dealing with the COVID-19 emergency, employee safety in the workplace  is a top priority for all organizations. Smart working surely represents the best containment measure, but is not always applicable: many people working in strategic sectors still need to go to their workplace - and the highest safety level must be ensured in this case.

Knowing if and when someone has been potentially exposed to COVID-19 is key for them - unfortunately, it's not an easy information to obtain due to the virus' long incubation period and extreme contagiousness even through asymptomatic subjects.

To support companies during this complex phase, Techedge has developed COVID-19 Tracker: a solution that allows organizations to monitor their workforce probability of being exposed to the virus and the risk of being infected - enabling to take timely decisions to limit the spread, promptly informing the exposed employees and performing targeted sanitization activities on the involved locations. 

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SAFE WORKING with COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker - desktop


COVID-19 tracker: pillars


COVID-19 Tracker is a plug & play cloud solution that allows to trace and monitor the likelihood of your workforce exposure to the virus.  

The solution can be adopted quickly thanks to the intuitive interface, and can be customized to the company's specific policies.

Provided in SaaS mode, COVID-19 Tracker is based on four pillars:

  • LOAD: import the full list of employees that are expected to be in the workplace 
  • MAINTAIN: map all workplace locations (offices, common areas, labs...) creating a hierarchy tree
  • TRACK: on a voluntary basis, collect the location of employees in the workplace
  • INFORM: in case an employee declares to be positive to COVID-19, obtain a list of all possible contacts (direct and indirect) with the related likelihood of contamination

How does COVID-19 Tracker work?


The initial configuration is made by uploading the employee list and mapping the workplace locations.

All areas (offices, buildings, open spaces, labs...) are mapped in a hierarchy tree together with their features; each location is assigned a likelihood of contact based on different parameters such as standard people frequency, people per sqm, surface area.

For every mapped location, the system generates a QR code that should be placed at the entrance.

location hierarchy tree

covid-19 tracker mobile



Employees can use the app through a web browser, accessing with personal credentials from their smartphones.

Whenever the employee walks into an area, s/he can scan the location QR code to voluntarily track his/her presence, tagging any close colleague if needed (e.g. in case of a coffee break together).

The system tracks all the voluntary registrations with timestamps. Therefore, in case of need it's possible to immediately retrieve the full list of people that happened to be near to a COVID-19 positive employee, along with the related probability of contamination determined by the location's features and the respective movements.

Intelligent tracking

When a user is positive to COVID-19, the solution algorithm calculates:

  • the probability of direct contamination (1st level contact), determined by the two people being together in the same place at the same time, and by the location's features.

  • the probability of indirect contamination (extended contact network), meaning of all people who were not in direct contact with the positive employee, but were potentially exposed because of an indirect contact of n-th degree.

covid19 tracker - intelligent tracking




The intuitive interface and a simplified user experience grant a near zero learning curve, both for admins and end users.



A turn key SaaS solution, ready to use in a few days, with no need of integration with other apps.



COVID-19 Tracker can be easily configured by admin users and adapted to any specific scenario.

The solution doesn't impose mandatory rules, but helps to apply your own.