Cloud Assessment, Roadmap & Design



The benefits of the cloud, and in particular - its role in enabling digital scenarios, are by now pretty clear to most organizations. Still, a lot of companies struggle when it comes to adopting a Cloud model.

The path to a successful adoption is not always easy, and often not straightforward; risks must be considered and managed, foresight of business growth and overall trajectory must also be accounted for.

The right Cloud solution is the one that provides the most business benefits and it's aligned to your organization strategy and objectives. Leveraging Techedge Cloud assessment and roadmap, we can help you define the perfect cloud landscape for your organization's unique needs.




Cloud Infrastructure Design

Whether you need to extend your existing datacenter or to settle your brand new cloud-based infrastructure, with our Cloud Infrastructure Design service you will have a comprehensive picture of your path to cloud, enabling you to take advantage of elastic, scalable, resilient, and extensible platform upon which business enabling services can be built and hosted.
Cloud infrastructure design starts with gathering your current infrastructure, systems and application information; continues with designing the target cloud infrastructure, classifying the workload migration types, grouping and prioritizing the applications, ends with determining timeline and effort.

Cloud Digital Platform

Design and compose a digital platform leveraging cloud native solutions as innovation enablers to improve efficiency and drive new business models.

Our cloud native approach enables an easy and fast cycle of application innovation, by learning from early insights and automate as you expand, leveraging cloud to scale fast.

Why Techedge?

Techedge is unique in its ability to deliver our clients the scalability and geographic coverage of a global provider, with the commitment and flexibility of a local partner, and the competence and focus of a strategic, trusted advisor.

Our Cloud Services allow you to focus on the Business Value of the Cloud Solutions while we take care of the Technology to enable them.
We can leverage a team with several Professional Cloud Certifications gained on different areas, with proven full stack competence, from User Experience and Front End to Back End, along with the integration with your existing system landscape.

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