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Unlocking Business Insights with New Visual Dashboards in the Cloud

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PUBLISHED: 14 May 2018


Our client, having recently split from their parent company, needed to find a way to retain and make use of their historical shared financial data to support business operations, analytic needs and auditory requirements. With a tight deadline of just 8 weeks to collect and store shared legacy data from their parent company, our client sought a robust, flexible solution that would be available in the narrow time frame and merge seamlessly with the new information being collected and stored on their own ERP application.


  • RAPID QUERY PERFORMANCE enabled thanks to our client's data migration to Redshift 
  • INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT AUTOMATION with AWS LAMBDA allowing our client to save money on infrastructure-related costs
  • FAST AND INTUITIVE ANSWERS AND INSIGHTS to manage the company's strategy, powered by a high-performance visual dashboard and KPIs
  • AGILE METHODOLOGY giving the possibility to see the new dashboards and incorporate critical changes in the short development phase. The Agile Methodology enabled the company to have their brand-new and independent platform in just 8 weeks.


Our client is a renowned global rehabilitation medical supplier, offering a complete range of products and services through more than 10 trusted brands.