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Trans Austria Gasleitung GMBH Streamlines the Budgeting and Planning Process

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PUBLISHED: 24 April 2018


Trans Austria Gasleitung moved from an Excel based budgeting and planning process to an integrated financial planning solution based on SAP® Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC). The new solution integrates data from several sources to enable actual, budget & forecast reporting of income statement and cash flows, as well as investment projects and HR costs. Through the implementation, they have seen gains in efficiency of their workforce, improvements to their forecast accuracy and a reduction of time spent in the end-to-end planning cycle time.


  • Higher quality of forecasts:  additional 15% forecast accuracy in the mid-term and long-term financial planning and business plans
  • More flexible Analysis & Data Discovery with the ability to manage different data types such as operating expense, capital expenditures and HR costs
  • Faster financial planning thanks to a 25% reduction of the end-to-end planning cycle


Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG) is a Transmission System Operator and the main artery of the natural gas network in central Europe, with a pipeline network of about 1,140 km high-pressure natural gas pipes across Austrian borders. TAG lives out its responsibility as an integral part of the European natural gas infrastructure by taking care of the secure and reliable energy transportation through Central Europe around the clock.