Telefónica integrates its business processes with the AEAT thanks to Techedge B+

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PUBLISHED: 14 May 2019


Telefónica provides a heterogeneous ecosystem of financial systems handling an invoicing volume that is enormous in size, both in terms of customers (Sales) and suppliers (Purchasing). This makes it necessary to carefully choose tools that are easily scalable, highly flexible, secure, and, of course, reliable.

SII is the AEAT’s new VAT management system. Since it began operating on July 1, 2017, it requests – within four business days after they’ve been entered – the immediate electronic delivery of the company’s VAT information from invoices and other accounting documents.

For Telefónica, complying with SII presented a challenge of considerable magnitude considering that the law mandating it was made public only a few months before it went into effect: the company had to find a solution that allowed all of its partnerships to adapt to this compulsory law.

Eventually, Telefónica opted for the Techedge B+ SII solution: an integration solution that met the needs of all of its companies and adapted to the implementation times required for legal compliance.


  • Full compliance to the legal requirements by the expected deadlines, avoiding the financial penalties established by AEAT
  • A secure and reliable solution that assures future scalability and flexibility for the integration of other potential systems
  • A unique solution for the entire company, meaning a significant cost reduction in terms of infrastructures and operations
  • High level of process automation and a greater visibility on processes through central dashboards and control panels


Telefónica Is the most important telecommunications company in Europe and the 5th most important in the world. The Spanish company headquartered in Madrid operates in 17 countries and has personnel present in 24, with an average 127,000 employees in each country.

Telefónica is a company that is responsive to the new challenges posed by present-day society. For this reason, it provides the means for making communication easier between people, giving them the most secure and cutting-edge technology for living better and achieving whatever they put their mind to. Attentive to customer needs and highly-innovative, Telefónica possesses an immense technological potential that multiplies the capability of its more than 346 million customers to choose what meets their needs.