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Saras enhances worker safety and productivity with mobile refinery maintenance

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PUBLISHED: 04 October 2018


As part of a company-wide digitization project, Saras aimed to improve oil refinery operations and maintenance processes by introducing mobility to field workers routines.

Overcoming some basic obstacles of the downstream production sector, they successfully launched two applications: Switchgear Assistant and Checklist Companion which have allowed them to increase worker safety standards and boost field worker productivity.


  • Safety certified, high-security mobile devices to support field workers in their daily maintenance tasks and streamline their activities
  • Switchgear Assistant application to allow the digital control of the pump maintenance process, leveraging QR codes to check and track user authentication, pump identification and pump status
  • Checklist Companion application to support the field workers' routine data collection on machinery and equipment, shifting from a manual to a digital process where the collected data are transferred to the central control room in real-time


Saras aims to become a reference point as a provider of sustainable energy that fuels people's lives. As one of the largest high complexity refineries in the Mediterranean Sea, Saras holds about 300,000 barrels per day of refining capacity in addition to one of the largest liquid fuel gasification plants in the world.

Additional activities of Saras include trading, marketing, generation of electricity from renewable sources and industrial engineering services for the oil sector.

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