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Escribano Mechanical & Engineering Goes Greenfield with SAP S/4HANA

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PUBLISHED: 21 August 2018


Escribano is a family-owned company, but the vast majority of the facilities and equipments produced in the last few months has brought considerable growth both in its workforce and in its number of plants.

This development, and the historical company mantra to promote constant professional and personal improvement to achieve success, have been crucial for prompting the company toward a major shift in its internal management: the shift to an advanced, market leading ERP.

After a thorough evaluation of solutions on the market, Escribano found itself in an advantageous position to refresh its business from the ground up, including its core business processes and tools. They chose SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management, a platform that, in addition to speeding up its internal processes such as Purchasing, Sales, Finance etc…, offers a better real-time visibility of its production process and an integration with other functions.

Through the adoption of the new platform, Escribano was able to accelerate its logistics and finance processes to drive better business results.


  • EMBEDDED ANALYTICS  to facilitate control of all financial and operation data, providing a detailed view of business from a unique platform
  • Higher OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY for the Finance, Sales and Purchasing teams, with a 3X faster financial close process 
  • REAL-TIME FUNCTIONALITIES for more agile financial processes, a higher visibility and management of information and faster business decisions
  • FULL SCALABILITY to support the company's international growth and expansion


Escribano Mechanical & Engineering is a Spanish company founded in 1987 and headquartered in Madrid. Its mission is manufacturing mechanic and electronic precision components. With a philosophy oriented towards permanent innovation in technology and processes, its products are a point of reference for Aeronautics, Aerospace and Defense.

Escribano implements a differentiation strategy with continuous technological changes and continuous improvement of its performances to become a key-provider.