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Efficiency and Flexibility with the Implementation of SAP HCM

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PUBLISHED: 15 June 2016


Our client is a leading Italian financial services company who needed a more efficient and flexible system for human capital management. Their vision was a comprehensive HR solution that covered the entire cycle of Human Capital Management (recruitment, employee administration, time management, contracts, benefits, etc.).

With limited user accessibility and numerous HR processes to account for, our client required a solution to effectively enable employees, managers and HR administrators carry out day to day functions.



  • Standardize and consolidate HR Master data into a unique database:
    • Improved support to decision making
    • Streamlined operations
    • Historical data management
  • Decentralization of “basic” tasks through self-service functionalities for employees and managers, reducing the effort and cost for HR offices (about 7.000 employees)

  • Introduce new system flexibility in HR to enable rapid adjustments, mainly for regulatory compliance

  • Digitize documents used in HR processes with “HCM processes & forms”


Involving approximately 30 resources and more than 90 HCM processes, Techedge implemented the SAP HCM solution to improve operations and decision making, accomodating HR owners while offering a self service scenario for employees. The SAP Portal was completely integrated with Master data and life cycle HCM data for both ESS and MSS/HRA scenarios.

The implementation was composed of:

  • HR Master Data

  • Organizational Management (company structure & org. planning)

  • Time Management (time evaluation, personnel calculation)

  • ESS & MSS (self service functionalities)

  • HRA (HR administrator)

  • Portal Integration (SAP PI) to legacy systems

  • ADS (Adobe Document Services)

  • HCM P&F: HCM processes and forms with digital signature (personalization)

  • Integration of HCM P&F with SAP workflow

  • DPF (Digital Personal File, archiving ok HCM P&F)

  • Management of user interactive forms with digital signature (personalization) & archiving

The ESS Scenario allows employees to interact directly with the system without requesting effort or control by the HRA or MSS. The most frequently used ESS processes of this implementation were:

  • Absences/attendance

  • Time events

  • leave requests

The MSS Scenario permits managers to view and control the time data of any employees of interest. This includes absences and attendance in a real-time integration setting, directly from the UWL ( Universal Work List).

The HRA Scenario allows the HR administrator to work on the system without back-end knowledge. Examples of HR processes implemented include:

  • Hiring (three way scenario with multiple approval steps)

  • Termination (with 10 different types of approval steps)

  • Promotion (including high-level)

Reporting Tools included the development of an ad-hoc query tool for HRA.