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Purchasing Process Transformation: Boosting Efficiency with SAP FIORI®

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PUBLISHED: 05 February 2018


Our customer runs SAP® SRM to manage its procurement processes. The tool is used by several departments, comprised of both purchasing and non-purchasing users, who leverage an SRM Portal to raise purchase requisitions or administrative check requests (ACRs).

Business users who do not belong to the purchasing area, a community that makes up approximately 80% of the purchase orders at our client, were not always capable of completing the fields on the Purchase Requisition form; fields irrelevant to their role, but required for the completion of a purchase. This confusion added an unnecessary delay in our client's purchasing cycle.

Our client decided to take action by reshaping their purchasing processes, leveraging SAP Fiori to develop role-based user interfaces and mobile workflow approvals. As a result, they have gained a more efficient purchase requisition process and improved their end users' experience.


  •  A TWO TIER PURCHASING MODEL that simplifies the tasks of all users who access SAP SRM portal to raise purchasing requisitions and ACR's
  • ROLE BASED USER INTERFACE that has reduced the number of fields for input by 80% for business users not belonging to the purchasing department, thereby increasing efficiency of the requisition cycle
  • COST SAVINGS on end user training and change management, thanks to an intuitive, friendly user interface
  • The new purchasing model with the SAP Fiori role-based front end has INCREASED EFFICIENCY IN OUR CLIENT'S PURCHASE REQUISITION CYCLE making the overall process faster and simpler for all users



Our client is a biopharmaceutical company with nearly 30,000 employees in over 70 countries.

A major player in the biopharma industry, our customer has more than 20 primary research and manufacturing facilities around the world.