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Powering International Procurement Strategies with SAP® SRM and ARIBA®

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PUBLISHED: 05 April 2018


Our client, a leading player in the power and gas markets, is composed of several subsidiaries with worldwide operations. With each subsidiary managing its own procurement processes on different applications and systems, the organization was prevented from achieving truly efficient, cost optimized procurement processes.

With an ambitious Business Transformation project, the company set the strategic goal of implementing a Common Global Purchasing Model for the whole organization of EMEA and LATAM.

By building a unique common platform based on SAP® SRM and Ariba® for more than 10,000 users, our client was able to implement a data-driven procurement strategy and optimize global procurement operations, creating a harmonized, global purchasing standard on a single system.


  • A SINGLE, UNIFIED PLATFORM to manage every step of the purchasing process, allowing for PURCHASING PROCESS STANDARDIZATION and IMMEDIATE SAVINGS in terms of licensing and infrastructure costs
  • An innovative HYBRID SOLUTION built on SAP Ariba, SAP SRM on SAP Cloud Platform, with more than 10 SAP ECC back-ends
  • MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY and CONTROL over the entire procurement process, with CENTRALIZED TRACKING of vendors’ performances and purchasing activities 



Our client is a global player in the power and gas markets and a leading company in the energy production sector. With a strong presence in Europe and Latin America, it operates across four continents counting millions of users worldwide.