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A New Sourcing Solution to Enable Streamlined Procurement Operations

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PUBLISHED: 12 July 2017


Our client, with hundreds of complex construction sites all around the world, deals with thousands of suppliers in order to cover its diversified needs, ranging from construction workers to raw material sourcing. For the company, procurement is one of the most critical departments for keeping the business healthy.

The newly appointed Procurement Director strongly believed that the optimization of that area was key for the overall improvement of the company's performances – and thus decided to focus on its reorganization and modernization.

The first step of this transformation was the implementation of Techedge's Package for Sourcing Solution, a user-friendly centralized tool that enables buyers and managers to streamline the sourcing requests and approvals, allowing the company to have a Global Action Plan tool to ensure efficiency, compliance and cost reduction in the construction sites all around the world.


  • A SINGLE, CENTRALIZED SOURCING SOLUTION with standardized and controlled procedures, deployed in only 4 MONTHS
  • STREAMLINED PROCESS AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS: reduction of approval times for budget requests and faster provisioning of supplies
  • IMPROVED VISIBILITY over the activities of the construction site for the site manager, with IMMEDIATE EVIDENCE of SAVINGS and the possibility of BUDGET REALLOCATION
  • Centralized collection of data, allowing ACCURATE FORECASTS and a GLOBAL PLANNING & STRATEGY


Our client is a leading industrial group operating in the construction sector. One of the main global infrastructure companies, it counts more than 50,000 employees in over 50 countries and hundreds construction sites around the world.