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Increased Event Revenues with the Intelligent Venue

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PUBLISHED: 04 June 2019



On game day (or concert day, or any major event day), managing the customer experience to provide an optimal blend of comfort and satisfaction is key. Not only can companies achieve higher customer retention rates by providing better customer experiences, they can increase the average spend of each consumer in the venue on that special night. 

That is, of course, if they have access to data in real-time in order to make the right operational decisions and develop digitally enabled customer experiences.


Discover how our client, a globally recognized National Football League franchise, transitioned from a two-day waiting period for collecting game day insights - to a real-time intelligent venue, embedded with sensors, digitally enhanced customer experiences and an executive boardroom

In their new intelligent venue, our client is able to enhance the customer experience at 360 degrees, making better operational decisions about venue services to boost nightly sales and increase per-cap spend on each stadium goer. 


Our client is a globally recognized National Football League franchise with more than 70 years in the business. Their football stadium, designed to host 75,000 spectators, has been transformed into a digitally connected venue, which permits them to optimize customer experience in real-time and increase sales. 

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