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Improved supplier collaboration with SAP® Ariba®

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PUBLISHED: 16 May 2018


As a part of a company-wide initiative that aims to completely digitize business processes,
our client sought to boost their supplier collaboration and achieve further procurement process improvement with a new platform for supplier performance management.

After evaluating other innovative procurement solutions, our client selected SAP® Ariba® Supplier Information and Performance Management (SIPM) as their new supplier collaboration tool. Leveraging this new tool, the company has provided its suppliers a
new communication channel, where they can easily share information and exchange relevant documents with the procurement department. The new solution has also streamlined and improved quality of supplier master data, thanks to supplier self-maintenance of data in the Ariba platform.


  • Suppliers have an efficient communication channel where they can easily exchange documents and share all the information that can be relevant at any stage of the procurement process;
  • A common, streamlined supplier master data management process thanks to a valid, robust suppliers’ master data registry for the entire organization;
  • Improved supplier master data quality, thanks to suppliers’ ability to self-maintain their master data in Ariba, which then reflects automatically into the company’s ERP and other systems.


Our client has been working in the energy sector for decades and today is one of the main power operators in Europe, being present in 7 countries with highly efficient power plants.