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Hybris eCommerce: Improved Customer Experience & Increased Business

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PUBLISHED: 03 March 2016


Rethinking the online shopping experience

Our client is a leader in the distribution of consumer electronic goods, home appliances, gifts and household goods. It is now one of the most important eCommerce players in Italy, with 600,000 registered users on their eCommerce portal, online since 2001.

As a consequence of its rapid growth in the Italian market, our client had to deal with an increasing volume of orders on the eCommerce platform. By 2012, the old portal was no longer enough to support their explosive business: a strategic redefinition of the online sales channel quickly became a top priority.

The new Hybris eCommerce platform went live in November 2012 and completely redesigned the customer experience, strengthening the company’s omni-channel approach. By simplifying the purchasing process and offering an intuitive easy-to-use interface, our client was able to improve customer relationships and register a significant increase in the number of transactions.

Being able to anticipate the customer’s needs and provide an engaging and personalized customer experience during the entire buyer’s journey is crucial for any business to stand out and become a true market leader. Through the release of the new eCommerce platform, both for desktop and mobile, our client was able to successfully deliver its customers a truly unique shopping experience.



  • Implement a modern, multi-channel enabled eCommerce platform
  • Manage a high volume of orders, integrating with an extensive partner network
  • Improve the customer experience and simplify the purchasing process


The company adopted the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite, implementing all of the typical B2C commerce functions such as info-commerce, online sales, management of logistics processes (allocation and deliver), customer service, remarketing and on-site campaign management. The portal also features intuitive interfaces, price comparison features, user reviews and mobile access.

The new platform is integrated with an extensive ecosystem of partners, services and legacy systems to support all business processes. By identifying specific shopping behavior associated to different types of users – the bench-marker, the casual shopper and the traditional buyer – our client was able to develop a customer-centric portal.

Customers receive a highly personalized experience and our client is able to deliver a consistent and satisfying experience across the board.


  • Full integration with business processes and maximum flexibility, ensured by the SAP Hybris platform
  • Enhanced customer experience: easier search capabilities, expanded content and simplified purchasing process through user-friendly interfaces
  • Increased business opportunities and number of transactions, with a double-digit growth of the conversion rate and average order value