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Energy Team Service Gains Competitive Advantage with Mobile Heat Cost Allocation Solution

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PUBLISHED: 30 March 2018


Companies working in the energy sector are traditionally performing activities related to heat measuring and allocation manually. Whenever one of these companies acquires a new apartment block, the registration of all the properties' details regarding the heating systems usually takes a large amount of time. Also, the calculation of expenses is typically done with little or no automation, resulting in a process that is overall, unreliable and inefficient.

Energy Team Service, a company who specializes in the heat allocation in buildings with central heating systems, realized that by digitizing the traditional process they would gain advantages on multiple sides, including the ability to streamline and automate manual activities, while at the same time providing their customers with distinctive services.

By implementing an innovative custom solution for easier heat allocation, the company is now able to satisfy all users: technicians can easily and rapidly configure buildings and perform calculations, while end users (administrators and homeowners) are able to monitor their consumption and expenses with maximum transparency.


  • CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM developed in 8 MONTHS and a RESPONSIVE APPLICATION available for both desktop and mobile, meeting the needs of technicians, administrators and homeowners with a CONSUMER GRADE USER EXPERIENCE
  • User-friendly, providing property owners a unique ability to MONITOR HEAT CONSUMPTION & EXPENSES of all their properties, equipped with detailed ANALYSIS & FORECASTING
  • STREAMLINED BUILDING CONFIGURATION, HEAT ALLOCATION & ACCOUNTING for administration and technicians, thanks to the standardization of data and resulting in consistent REDUCTION OF MANUAL ACTIVITIES
  • Additional, VALUE-ADDED SERVICES for customers: Thanks to the application, energy consumers can REQUEST TECHNICAL INTERVENTION in case of malfunction, receive INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS from the administration and gain immediate access to INSTRUCTION MANUALS of their heating systems



Energy Team Service is an Italian business based in Asti, founded in 2008 by a small team of people with more than 10 years of experience in the energy & heating sector. Specialized in the evaluation and allocation of heat expenses in apartment blocks with central heating, it works with blocks administrators, homeowners and installers of energy systems to efficiently meet their challenges and needs.