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B2B ECOMMERCE Marketplace for a broad dealer/customer network

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PUBLISHED: 13 July 2016


Our client, a leading Italian company in the automotive industry, developed a new strategy for its B2B eCommerce that would allow them to trade their own and competitor’s tires. Since they had succesfully adopted SAP Hybris as the software of reference for their B2C eCommerce for motorbike and car tires, they decided to adopt Hybris to replace their legacy B2B eCommerce platform as well.

With a vast dealer/customer base and such an extensive product catalog, the client needed a flexible, experienced partner to guide the realization of the project. Because of its reputation for innovative eCommerce solutions and its comprehensive experience with SAP Hybris Suite, Techedge was engaged for the creation and deployment of the new marketplace solution.



  • Improve order fulfillment
  • Enhance product purchase flow
  • Simplify user experience, including cart management
  • Improve content management
  • Capability to modify system logic by customer and channel


After a pilot project in Germany for their B2B market, the client carried out an assessment to launch a similar tool for its B2B marketplace in Italy, changing to a purchasing group transaction model.

Techedge implemented the new eCommerce platform and integrated it into the existing client CMS system, successfully delivering a solution that now serves approximately 2,500 Italian dealers and a product catalog with over 80,000 SKUs.

The solution includes features such as:

  • A multi-country one-stop shop for dealers for order fulfillment, supporting two different business models (Trading model and Broker model)
  • Three-click product purchase, enforced by accurate and real-time data from back end and third party systems (product availability, delivery time, promotions & discounts, credit check, suppliers’ offers)
  • Ability to manage multiple carts for products sold by different retail companies
  • Efficient system and tools for centralized product content management across channels and markets
  • A business configuration cockpit to allow the client to modify commerce logic by customers and channel


  • Improved user experience for search and navigation of products
  • Streamlined purchase flow, with multiple carts allowed
  • Enhanced product content management