Will Chen

Business Intelligence Consultant

Detroit, MI - United States

Career focus
Data Intelligence

University of Michigan

What motivates me
Responsibility motivates me the most. When I am given the full responsibility over a specific task I am determined to deliver the best possible. I believe responsibility is also another person's trust and faith on you.

My favorite city
My favorite city will always be Taipei, the place where I grew up. Taipei is a city where you can experience all types of culture and food, all easily accessible through a convenient metro system.

"It's not how proficient you are at day one of work but how willing you are to build upon your experiences each day."


I graduated from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Economics. One month after graduation, I started working with Techedge and it has been an exhilarating experience ever since. I first met the company my junior year when they attended a career fair on campus. During my senior year, I was determined to apply for the openings as a full-time consultant.

Consulting has always been an interesting, yet unidentified career field. Whenever I talked to recruiters or other consultants the frequent reply about the job was "it varies". Until the day I became a consultant myself, I had never quite understood why I always received that reply in the past.

In my current position as a Technology & Integration Consultant, my role is constantly challenged by different problems arising from activities taking place during the year-round accounting cycle. My main project is focused on the implementation of a global reporting system for one of the largest OEM's in the world. The system is used by thousands of users globally, thus presenting various opportunities to travel. I have been traveling to Canada, Italy, and Shanghai to train and instruct clients on system and interface specific activities.

Working in Techedge means you get to see more than just one aspect of a project, you are able to see everything top-down. We have support from colleagues around the world, but you are also the one person that clients know they can rely on at their home base. The management at Techedge have taught me that the importance is not how proficient you are at day one of work but how willing you are to build upon your experiences each day. I have had continuous opportunities to learn since day one.