Edurne García

ABAP Developer

Madrid, Spain

Career focus
Information Technology

University of Zaragoza, Spain

What motivates me
To learn and to improve. I believe that learning is fundamental, not only at work, but also in my personal life. One can learn new things from their co-workers, family, friends and anyone who crosses into their life. That is the only way to improve.

My favorite city
San Francisco. All my life I wanted to go there and I couldn't even tell you why. It is a city that I've always idealized and this year, at last, I'm going to go!

Sports. Currently, I play soccer. Since I was little, sports have always been a great passion for me and my family. I like team sports in particular, a value that I also apply at work. I feel much more comfortable working as a team than I do alone.

"At Techedge, every day I learn something new. Not only from the training I receive, but also from the constant support and help of all my colleagues."


I graduated in Mathematics in 2013 from the University of Zaragoza, but I finished my studies in the United Kingdom, where I went as an exchange student during my last year and ended up staying an extra year to do my masters.

After my time in Wales, I decided it was time to return to Spain. I started looking for a job like thousands of young people, but the economic crisis was affecting all sectors, so the jobs offered were minimal. By doing a market study, I discovered that there were many oppurtunities for consultants, especially those focused on SAP, so I decided to focus on that sector.

After some time sending resumes to various companies, I received a call from Techedge.

My journey at Techedge began in July 2015. I arrived without any experience and entered as a junior. My first contact with technology was through a training that lasted a month and a half. From there, I was assigned to the Java area, where I worked for six months and later moved to ABAP, which is where I am currently. Since then, I have continued to deepen my knowledge in that area.

Every day I learn new things at Techedege, not only from the professional training received, but also from the support and help from my colleagues. Without them, adapting to the technology sector would have been much more complicated and my level of professional knowledge and skills would be much lower today.

Since my first day, I felt integrated and welcomed in a world that was new to me. My colleagues helped me at the beginning and continue to do it every day; they are the ones who have helped shape my knowledge and continue to teach me every day.