Claudio Fratto

Senior Integration Consultant

Milan, Italy

Career focus
Customer Engagement

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

What motivates me
Passion in what I do is the most important thing in my life. Moreover, all the problems that I face must have a solution as soon as possible, especially the ones assigned to me. So the keywords which my motivation is based on are: passion, responsibility and curiosity.

My favorite city
Honestly I have no favorite city, it depends on the situation. When I need some relax, going back to my home town in Calabria is my option. Among cities and places where I've been, Krakow and Wien are the most beautiful ones: clean, quiet, well organized and with gorgeous monuments. Anyway, Milan adopted me some years ago - so this city will always deserve a special mention.

"Working at Techedge is never boring. The consulting area is dynamic by its own, but Techedge has something more – indeed, Techedge is my right choice."


I graduated from Politecnico di Milano in December 2014 in Computer Science. I chose the consulting area since I thought that, especially in the first years of work, a dynamic and challenging environment could help me acquire and improve skills, both technical and personal.

In the following months, I had several interviews with different consulting companies but I became biased after my interview experience with Techedge. During that interview, I collected a lot of positive feelings about the working atmosphere, topics and meritocracy that I’m now experiencing every day.

I joined Techedge in February 2015 in the Customer Engagement practice and in particular in the Integration Team. Integration topics have always fascinated me, along with database and Data Quality. Being “in the middle” of each system communication allows me to see several areas and interact with different profiles, from functional analyst to programmer.

After a first training period during which I acquired the basic knowledge about products used for system integration, I started working in real projects performing all the assigned tasks. Soon, I acquired the trust of my seniors that gave me the possibility to directly manage important tasks and entire projects, interacting with customers, from requirements collection to development and team management. This trust allows me to start an important professional growth that is continuous. In fact, in less than two years, I became Senior Consultant with responsibilities both for customers and team members.

Currently, I’m responsible of several projects both in Italy and abroad. The customers sectors I work with range from Energy to Manufacturing, from Fashion to Automotive. Starting from the middle of 2016, I’m also responsible for the integration of Techedge’s internal systems; moreover, my seniors involve me in most of the strategic and organizational choices. This makes my Techedge experience even more interesting, since I’m truly part of it.

One of the features that makes Techedge different is that you can talk with every colleague, from trainees to partners, without any problem. Everyone is always available to support you in case of need and since the employees landscape is so heterogeneous, these frequent interactions allow us to improve and complete our personal knowledge.

Working at Techedge is never boring. The consulting area is dynamic by its own, but Techedge has something more – indeed, Techedge is the right choice for me.