Carmen Baquerizo

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Madrid, Spain

Career focus
Enterprise Solutions

University of Loyola in Andalusia, Spain

What motivates me
I’m very passionate and curious on the work I do. On my daily work, I try to use my analytical skills to find the best solution and satisfy customer’s needs and desires. I like to apply my knowledge, experience, and earned skills to propose the best solution.

My favorite city
My favorite city is Cordoba, in Andalusia, the city where I was born. Cordoba is a legacy of different cultures that have peacefully lived together across the years. I really like walking around its narrow streets, full of colorful flowers and plants, and enjoying drinks and tapas on the plentiful terraces in the sunshine. It is a city like no other.

"Techedge gave me the opportunity to develop my professional skills while working in an environment with incredibly competent colleagues. It is this environment that has helped me grow and which continues to allow me to succeed when encountering new challenges."


I started my professional career as a Sales Executive in a local bank right after finishing my degree in Business Administration.

At that time, I had little idea about how to approach the professional world. I felt I had gained a significant amount of knowledge during my time at the university, but I was unsure of how to put this knowledge into practice and start paving my career path.

I spent six months transforming that knowledge into practice and getting accustomed to the banking industry. Despite learning a great deal, I realized that I was more interested in other fields. I had a desire to face new challenges, rather than be in an environment of daily operations and fix processes, where there was little room for improvement or chances to contribute new ideas on how to improve processes, business models, IT systems, etc...

With this idea in mind, I decided to apply for a position as an SAP consultant at Techedge. I clearly remember the day of the interview, I was definitely not an expert on SAP and in reality, my knowledge on the subject was rather limited. However, during my interview I was able to demonstrate my mindset in approaching different challenges, my willingness to solve problems and my customer-centric approach to doing business. In the end, I was offered the job.   

It's been five years since that interview and I'm still working with Techedge. 

In my career here, I have been involved in many different projects, performing implementations on a wide variety of customers coming from various industries. I have held positions of varying levels of responsibility and in different areas of the project lifecycle, from the first analysis of customer requirements to the post Go-Live support.  

I can say now that I am actively carving my career path, taking projects and roles more attuned to my personal skills and interests. 

Techedge gave me the opportunity to develop my professional skills while working in an environment with incredibly competent colleagues. It is this environment that has helped me grow and which continues to allow me to succeed when encountering new challenges. I'm happy to be growing with the company and with our customers and it's surprising to be able to achieve all of this in a field I once knew very little about.