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Techedge Careers


Meet your future colleagues

Get to know who's working at Techedge!

Christian Aqueveque

Meet Christian

Cx Practice Manager

Industrial Engineer, Universidad de las Americas, Chile
Collaboration between consultants from different regions is an added value in day-to-day work with our clients. Remote collaborative work is in Techedge's DNA.
I enjoy visiting new places together with my family. This is something I also practice at work, looking for new software and solutions. I also enjoy attending science fiction series and reading (and re-reading) Isaac Asimov's books.
Fabrizio Venditti

Meet Fabrizio

Customer Engagement Practice Manager

Computer Engineering, Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
Every day I meet new people, discover new technologies and face new challenges. All these experiences are helping me in building the knowledge, the expertise and the self-confidence to be ready to handle every new situation.
My favorite movie is Memento by C. Nolan. I love most of Nolan’s movies: even if they are quite complicated at the beginning, I enjoy the moment in which you finally understand the meaning and see that each pieces of the story fit together perfectly.
Paola Falcone

Meet Paola

Deputy Practice Manager

Master's Degree in Automation Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering - Politecnico di Bari, Bari, Italy
As soon as I arrived at Techedge I had the opportunity to work in a winning team, obtaining numerous awards for the excellent work done by the client. I was able to put into practice the values ​​of Techedge: to enhance the talent of people by working in a team, moreover with the passage of time I was able to increase my technical, functional and relational skills.
I consider myself a dynamic person (for many hyperactive), a lover of sports, but also of good food and good wine :-)
Roberto Clemente

Meet Roberto

Google, AWS & Open Platform Practice Director

Computer Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Today I have many challenges, most importantly: creating a powerful, united team, where everyone is capable of having the personal and professional development they want.
Since I was little, I've always been passionate about sports. Mostly, I'm into running and cycling. I like to face personal challenges, like the marathon I ran a few years ago, because of the satisfaction I feel when overcoming them.
Antonella Barberis

Meet Antonella

SAP Solutions Architect

Software Engineering, UPC - Universidad Peruana de Ciencias aplicadas
The experience of working in a company like Techedge, recognized worldwide, makes one feel proud and want to learn more and more about the different technologies in which Techedge innovates.
When I'm out of the office I love to make cakes and desserts. Also, I really enjoy going on a trip / walk (no matter the place) with my family. Spending different days away from home.
Jonathan Mancilla

Meet Jonathan

Technology & Analytics Consultant

Electronic Engineer, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Bogotá, Colombia
I think professional success is achieved when you enjoy what you do and you turn routine into a daily opportunity to learn and discover new things, this makes the difference. At Techedge I found a place to learn, face new challenges and where my work has a significant impact. My team is made up of excellent professionals where collaborative work and the transfer of knowledge occur naturally.
I am an explorer; I am passionate about traveling and living new experiences. I like paragliding and diving. I really enjoy natural landscapes, discovering the natural treasures of my country is my goal. I am an animal lover, I will never forget my encounter with whales.
Martin Atoche

Meet Martin

Managing Director South Latam

Systems Engineering / Business Process Management postgraduate degree - National University of Engineering (UNI), Peru / University of Chile
I'm so proud of being part of a global company like Techedge, communication between countries, local and global experiences give me the vision I need to offer the best to clients in any situation. The feeling that as a team we can achieve all the challenges we set ourselves is incredible.
Out of the office I enjoy playing tennis, cooking for my family and wine tasting. The truth is that I am a technology lover in and out of the office, so much so that I have as a hobby programming in assembler code.
Dario Fracassetti

Meet Dario

Integration consultant (SAP and no SAP)

High school graduation in IT
I started working in Techedge in 2010 as an experienced ABAP developer. Since the beginning of my career in Techedge I felt at home, with young and smart colleagues and a challenging environment. Year after year and project after project I "grow up" and I had the possibility to learn and to teach a lot from and to my colleagues. My career path took me to be a lead developer at first and then a project lead and a project manager. Organized, goal oriented, I enjoy working in a team and I work well with others.
In my spare time I like riding my motorbike, travelling, skiing, reading books, and playing with my daughter. My favourite movies is The Lord of The Rings.
Carl Skonieczny

Meet Carl


Information Technology, Central Michigan University
It has been both the best career and personal decision I have made since graduating university. Techedge encourages you to not only do your best, but to improve what your best is, and this has been the main reason I have continued to surprise even myself.
My favorite city has been Cayman Kai, Cayman Islands, since I was a child. Being immersed in the culture for so long was life changing and I love every time I get the chance to go back because there is always something new to experience.
Osmany  Martínez

Meet Osmany

Practice Manager Technology & Analytics

Systems engineer, University Francisco de Paula Santader, Cúcuta, Colombia
I really enjoy my work and learning every day, each of our customer has a story, each day has its own challenges, there is no time to get bored by the daily routine because there will always be new things to do.
For me, life is a journey, there is nothing more exciting than reaching unknown places and learning about the culture and customs of the people. I also really like dancing, in Colombia there is a great variety of rhythms that definitely make me move and enjoy dancing, I consider it the best thing to relax!
Edurne García

Meet Edurne

ABAP Developer

Mathematics, University of Zaragoza, Spain
At Techedge, every day I learn something new. Not only from the training I receive, but also from the constant support and help of all my colleagues.
I'm passionate about sports. Currently, I play soccer. Since I was little, sports have always been a great passion for me and my family. I like team sports in particular, a value that I also apply at work.
Federico Funes

Meet Federico

SAP Consultant - Operation & Logistics services

Bachelor Degree in Management Engineering - Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
After a year of experience gained in logistics within the automotive industry, I was able to deepen my knowledge of SAP's EWM module from both a technical and functional perspective. Customers served are complex and structured multinational corporation realities operating in ‘Food & Beverage’ Industry and with them I had the opportunity to be involved in most project phases from tests to post Go-Live support. My role as a Functional Consultant in these projects is to analyse and report on the “AS IS” state as well as understanding and documenting the potential “TO BE” state.
I practice motorcycling competing in the regional championships and I like to prove myself in any sport. I have always been passionate about music and technology. I join the two passions by engaging in audio-construction and taking interest in everything that is Hifi.
Will Chen

Meet Will

Practice Lead, Corporate Performance Management

Statistics & Economics, University of Michigan
It's not how proficient you are at day one of work but how willing you are to build upon your experiences each day.
Responsibility motivates me the most. When I am given the full responsibility over a specific task I am determined to deliver the best possible. I believe responsibility is also another person's trust and faith on you.
Carmen Baquerizo

Meet Carmen

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Business Administration, University of Loyola in Andalusia, Spain
Techedge gave me the opportunity to develop my professional skills while working in an environment with incredibly competent colleagues. It is this environment that has helped me grow and which continues to allow me to succeed when encountering new challenges.
My favourite city is Cordoba, a legacy of different cultures that have peacefully lived together across the years. I really like walking around its narrow streets, full of colorful flowers and plants, and enjoying drinks and tapas on the plentiful terraces in the sunshine.
Ricky Sharma

Meet Ricky

SAP Basis Architect

Chemical Engineering, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India
I know it is a cliché but I am passionate about my work. The new challenges at work everyday are what keeps me going. The different flavors of SAP out there are quite mind blowing and that is what I am passionate about: continuous learning.
I am a big foodie! Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan are at the top of my list. If you have not tried this Northern Indian dish, I would highly recommend it.