Silvia Fumagalli

Program Manager

Milan, Italy

Career focus
Energy & Utilities

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

What motivates me
Getting to the heart of the matter is what motivates me the most. I love to manage the trade-off between the big picture and the microscopic details which ultimately make the difference. In this way I have a thorough understanding of everything I do.

My favorite city
Italy has a lot of stunning cities and places so, being an Italian, I am supposed to say that my favorite city in the world is Rome or Florence... But If I had to think about a city which represents my way of life, I would say that Barcelona is my favorite city in the world. I'm not a huge city person, but Barcelona has got a winning combination of history, culture, art architecture, shopping, beaches and food so you’ll never be short of things to do in Barcelona. There’s something for everyone and plenty of variety for someone like me who enjoys a bit of everything.

"This is my value and what I like about Techedge is the fact that the people around me were quick to spot it and allowed me to cultivate this talent and build a career path around it."

IT develops

I joined Techedge in 2009. Just before graduating I spent some long days evaluating the two most interesting job offers I had. One was Techedge’s, the other was from a well known Management Consulting Company.

I am hands on, driven, curious. I need to do things and I need to see the results of my actions. I need to get to the heart of all matters. Hence, I chose Techedge. Also, I felt most comfortable in joining a smaller firm, with a human touch and where I had the chance to get to know everybody. I was under the (correct) impression that smaller firms allow for greater flexibility in drawing up a career path that is suited to your talents and interests.

My choice paid off. Techedge grew exponentially and I grew with the company.

To start off, I was given the chance to influence my career path and, further down the line, senior colleagues also helped me shape my career by allowing me to develop my talents and attitudes. I’ll give you two examples.

Being an Electronics Engineer at first I was asked to code. I did it for a few months and then realized it wasn’t the thing I wanted to do. I spoke up and immediately I had a new role, as a functional consultant. I was staffed on complex client-based projects where I learned all about the Oil & Gas industry and about client interaction.

Then, fast forward some years, and senior colleagues recognize I have a talent for dealing with people. I was offered the role of Program Manager, which I readily accepted.

Back in 2009, as a fresh Electronics Engineering graduate I would never have thought that my best career path was Program Management for large clients in the Oil & Gas industry! Now, I wouldn’t change my role for anything.

My next step is client development, helping clients approach new strategic initiatives. It is a challenge and I’m getting the right amount of support and guidance from my senior colleagues, yet at the same time I’m free to test, learn and develop my own style.

My own style involves thinking critically about all the tasks I’m assigned. Clients and team members appreciate the insights I generate thanks to my approach. This is my value and what I like about Techedge is the fact that the people around me were quick to spot it and allowed me to cultivate this talent and build a career path around it.