We are a young, multinational company comprised of talented professionals who help companies leverage digital technologies to improve their business.

We offer our clients strategic advisory and innovative solutions, earning their trust through our expertise and trust-based approach; An approach that has allowed us to grow 30% YoY since the day we started.

We believe a brilliant career lies at the intersection of what you love and where you excel, and we believe we can help you achieve it.


Discover what Life at Techedge is like through our people’s stories.


“It's not how proficient you are at day one of work but how willing you are to build upon your experiences each day."
"This is my value and what I like about Techedge is the fact that the people around me were quick to spot it and allowed me to cultivate this talent and build a career path around it."



We put a lot of passion, time and enthusiasm into our jobs, so it should be a pleasant experience! 

We believe hard work and dedication are key to the success of every business, but we help our clients by working for results, not by the hour or by showing up to the office. If you need to work from home and it’s ok for the project, do so! If you need to take the afternoon off and catch up on work later in the day it’s fine. As always, it’s all about balance.

The internal competition is impressive: when we play basketball on Tuesday, or pool on Thursday night there is no mercy. And that’s where the internal competition ends; we can’t focus on clients if we focus on competition.

Life at Techedge is designed to enable smart people who are passionate about business and IT to focus on helping clients! We take care of the rest.


Career path

We are a lean organization by design; we prefer to spend time focusing on our people’s development, not on how they should fit an organizational chart.

And so, our career path is simple:

• New graduates join as Consultants and quickly begin learning the different components of a solution from a business and a technology perspective.

• When consultants are ready, they become Professionals, experts of an entire solution, rather than just a product, a component or a single process. Professionals work with clients to help them assess their business needs and design their solutions.

• When Professionals are ready they become Managers: Subject Matter Experts recognized as trusted advisors by clients and go-to experts by colleagues, able to manage complex projects and large teams, and committed to contributing to the development of internal knowledge.

• Managers become Partners once they are recognized as leaders within the company, thanks to their contribution to the development of the company in terms of capabilities, competence and business.

• At Techedge, two things drive your career: your Talent and your Passion.

New graduate?

Consultant is the entry-level position for new graduates.

After the onboarding, you will go through the initial training, during which you will learn more about Techedge in terms of culture, approach, methodology, offering and market positioning. Also, depending on your initial area of focus, you will go through dedicated training sessions to give you the foundation of the processes and/or technologies you will be focusing on in the following 6-12 months.

Once the training is completed, you will start working with a team of senior colleagues on a real project so that you can learn and practice on the job. This will be your opportunity to practice on activities of increasing complexity and get comfortable. You can expect many challenges during this phase and a lot of learning too since you will be shadowing colleagues with years of experience.

The more you grow as a consultant the more you’ll become familiar with a range of processes, methodologies, products and technologies and you’ll be exposed to a variety of industries. Hence, you’ll understand how business processes work and how to work with clients and support them in solving real business challenges thanks to information technology.

By the end of your tenure as a consultant, it will be clear to both of us whether you are more passionate and inclined to Business, Analytics, Finance, Technology or any of our areas of excellence. At this point we will work together to define the best path for your career at Techedge.

Got Experience?

If you have experience, we would love to hear from you!

Experienced hires join at different levels depending on their seniority and background.

Senior Consultants have about 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience on specific components of a process, technology or industry.

Professionals are experts of at least one process, technology or industry. They work with clients to help them assess their business needs and design the solution, and lead teams of consultants in client engagements.

Managers are Subject Matter Experts recognized as trusted advisors by clients and leaders in the industry. They are able to manage complex projects and large teams and have a passion for developing disruptive solutions that merge intimate business knowledge with deep technology expertise to provide value.

Partners are people with at least 15 years of experience and a deep knowledge of the professional services industry who are able to develop the company at 360 degrees, starting from business and opportunity development to internal capabilities and competence.