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with beNIMBL, Techedge Digital Advisory

Digital Advisory with beNIMBL



Digital technologies are enabling extremely fast-paced changes.
Placing people at the center and ensuring they are evolving at the same speed of technology is key to stay successful in times of transformation.
In other words, a shift in paradigm is required:from business-centered, to people-centric.

We propose a pragmatic, tangible approach to digital transformation: leveraging on design-thinking methodologies paired with our technological DNA and ability to execute, we help companies to introduce feasible, usable innovation in their organizations.

With beNIMBL, the Techedge business division specifically focused on Digital Advisory projects, we ensure full support for customers embarking in their innovation journeys.

The beNIMBL approach

Our pragmatic approach enables to transform ideas into feasible solutions that can be implemented quickly. 
We mix people, exponential technologies and our Ripple methodology to get measureable, concrete results from the beginning, at a limited cost and with little or no risk.


digital advisory - people at the center



People are the focal point of transformation. When we approach innovation projects we always start from people, rather than from processes and technologies, to develop lean solutions truly built around their needs and strengths.

Digital advisory - technological DNA



People are the engine, technology is the fuel. Tech DNA and ability to execute are the distinctive factors of our approach. We guide our customers in the exploration of available technologies, identifying the best fit for their goals and fully leverage technologies in a well-designed, usable and feasible solution.

digital advisory - design thinking



Our NIMBL Ripple Methodology leverages design thinking and an agile approach to ensure a smooth, constant alignment between people and technology, from the project onboarding to the execution - enabling to introduce feasible, pragmatic innovation. 

Value Added Digital Advisory Services

Increase efficiency and enable business model transformation by mixing exponential technologies, with beNIMBL.

business process optimization


New technologies - such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with AI, OCR, Machine Learning, Process Mining, Advanced Analytics and Workflows - can significantly improve efficiency cutting costs and allowing a better use of resources while enhancing control over the processes. 

We support our customers in the optimization of their business processes, guiding them through an Automation Journey - from the project onboarding, to ideas development,  prioritization and implementation, to business process monitoring and optimization.

Discover how we combine people, technology and design thinking in a winning recipe to digitalize a department in a few months!

uipath certified professional services

digital advisory - factory optimization


The factory innovation journey is a teamwork: led by people, rather than processes and technologies, and with the ultimate goal of making people's daily life easier.

With our 4-step approach, we ensure that all stakeholders are on board from the very beginning, actively driving the innovation process: starting from the identification of the opportunities through design thinking methodologies, to the realization of pilots and prototypes, to the final industrialization of the designed solutions. 

This pragmatic, people-centered approach allows to leverage the most suitable technologies to turn ideas into reality faster, with immediate results.

See how the beNIMBL technology onboarding for factory (3D, mobile, IoT, 5G, virtual control room) helps people to identify winning ideas and improve their everyday life in the plant!

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Digital Advisory Use Cases

digital advisory use case - open innovation solutions


How can companies be innovative in a digital word, understand how to transform the present and pave the way for the future?

A piece of the puzzle is an open innovation journey to gather new ideas from innovative players and outsiders and to start collaborating, developing and implementing breakthrough solutions.

digital advisory use case - factory digitalization


Take advantage of the full spectrum of opportunities enabled by Industry 4.0 Technologies.

Turn factory operations and business processes into digital by boosting collaboration, communication, data and experience sharing, mobility. Learn how to satisfy people real needs, how to use the right technology on the right business area, how to let people design their own solutions.

digital advisory use case - field operation platform


Discover new ways for user experience enhancement through a Design Thinking approach for Procurement department of a world class company, with opportunities identification and prioritization.

Process optimization is the co-product of this paradigm-changed approach with people at the center.

digital advisory use case - business process automation


Free employees and managers from repetitive and time-consuming tasks and leverage their time, skills, and experience to create value and gain competitive advantage. Let the robots perform no-brainers tasks faster and with no copy-and- paste or typing errors.

Deploying such an innovation don’t forget the change management and bring everyone on board in designing and using Robotic Process Automation for a seamless integration between human and robot.

digital advisory use case - big data made easy


The availability of structured and unstructured data is the basis of a data lake.

A Google-like search with easily accessible data is something challenging to achieve. Find how we did it from design to pilot to industrialization.

digital advisory use case - procurement department experience


Mobility is central in consumers everyday life, but things become harder with mobile field operations.

Empower field operators with real-time data, equip maintenance team with digital datasheets and 3D models, enable collaborations among field engineers and center of expertise through augmented reality. All at your fingertips, designed by operators for operators!

digital advisory use case - intelligent field operations


Machine Learning can improve field operations, maintenance, and planning.

Discover how people can mix their knowledge on the process with data platform and machine learning technologies, to automate “human intelligence” into field operations.


Digital Advisory

Alessandro Lavazzi
Alessandro Lavazzi

Experience Technology Advisory Practice Director

Andrea Lavazzi
Andrea Lavazzi


Rafael de Luque
Rafael de Luque

Practice Manager Development, Integration and Innovation

Kai-Olaf Dammenhain
Anela Boese
Anela Boese

Partner, Managing Director beNIMBL Germany

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