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How to approach Environmental, Social and Governance issues in your organization

Global Standards, Business Priorities and Information Systems
for Sustainability Reporting

Non-financial performance indicators are increasingly strategic for organizations, introducing the need to implement a real Sustainabily Strategy. Topics like climate change, data privacy and human rights represent a new era of corporate social responsibility and business ethics. Governing bodies, as well as investors, expect today’s companies to deliver on profit and purpose to generate value for shareholders and society.

In major markets around the world, sustainability reporting - also known as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting - is considered no longer an option but a fiduciary duty. The adoption of an ESG information system that permits the control and communication of ESG criteria according to one or more of today’s recognized global frameworks will reduce barriers to achieving sustainable sustainability intelligence.

This guide highlights why ESG is important and the current state of ESG maturity, the top priorities for business today approaching this topic and the key requirements of ESG Information Systems - along with a solution encompassing all of them.


  • Why sustainability matters: discover what is ESG and learn more about the history of socially responsible investments.
  • Global frameworks and reporting standards: an overview of the most widely adopted frameworks for ESG reporting, with focus on GRI standards.
  • Sustainability maturation - Where we are today: highlights of the key trends driving business decisions related to ESG.
  • Challenges: discover the top challenges and opportunities faced by companies today when adopting ESG reporting.
  • Why an ESG Information System? The key criteria businesses should seek from an ESG reporting solution.
  • A sustainability intelligence platform: main features of ESGeo, a software application designed to integrate ESG factors into the value chain, helping measure and compare the performances of ESG initiatives and create real-time sustainability reports.


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eBook: guide to sustainability reporting


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