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Our end-to-end full-life cycle analytics capabilities provide our customers with comprehensive and trusted business intelligence services. Our dedicated Analytics Practice has the ability to architect, mind-map, and design BI road-maps and strategies; drive toolset selection; build, test, and deploy BI solutions; as well as support BI production environments.

The present defines the future. The future builds on the foundation of the past.

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How Chatbots can Transform your Business

Join this webinar and live demonstration to learn how Enterprises are leveraging conversational bots. You will discover the potential benefits of chatbots for Enterprise and how to effectively roll them out in your organization.


Change Control Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Deploying what the business, wants when they need it is a difficult balancing act in an organization's software ecosystem. 

The demand for speed of delivery, coupled with the increased heterogeneity of applications (i.e. cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud), puts pressure on IT, who must work seamlessly a...


Defend SAP Against New Vulnerabilities

OnDemandThe holy grail of a cyber criminal is to identify a software vulnerability and exploit it before a patch is widely deployed. These Zero Day Exploits are some of the most dangerous tools in cybercrime, where proactive customers evade the attack while the slow movers fall victim.