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What's New in SAP Solution Manager 7.2



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What's New in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Nathan Williams | Sep 18, 2017

Over a decade since its inception, SAP® Solution Manager continues to remain true to its fundamental objectives. One of these objectives is supplying customers with a single source of truth for centrally managing implementation and operational tasks. Another is deploying best-practice processes enabled by advanced technologies that are strategically positioned to align the business and IT. With SAP Solution Manager 7.2, these objectives are attained by providing a highly integrated and adaptable infrastructure that is better than ever.

What's New in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

All grown up, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 can run on HANA, has progressed to SAP Fiori, and now includes a fully automated Test Suite. These advancements, along with numerous other components and supported content, can be leveraged to help customers optimize their path to digital transformation.

New Features of SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Advancements, both considerable and subtle, are identifiable across the entire SAP Solution Manager 7.2 product suite. Below, you will find a select few of the key highlights:

  • Solution Manager for SAP S/4HANA Migration and Optimization. An out-of-the box adoption framework provides processes, services and tools to support customers in their efforts to deploy S/4HANA. Business transformation by way of S/4HANA is streamlined with predefined content made available within SAP Solution Manager. S/4HANA business process models, maintainable in an all new graphical modeler within SAP Solution Manager, accelerate S/4HANA adoption by providing a transparent view into the future-state.

  • Alignment with SAP’s Unified User Experience Strategy. All activities, end-user and administrator alike, are processed through the SAP Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad. SAPUI5 is made available to provide a more attractive and higher performing interface for dashboard interaction as well as leveraging the all-new Solution Documentation. ChaRM and IT Service Management (ITSM) customers benefit from refreshing updates to the WebClient UI.

  • Improved Capabilities for DevOps and Application Operations. Project Management, Process Management, Requirements Management and the Test Suite are just a few examples of the innovations and enhanced scenarios delivered with 7.2. Depending on priorities and pain-points that will inevitably surface across the application lifecycle, customers have the flexibility to elect which SAP Solution Manager capabilities will be deployed for their project, service and support teams

  • Support Beyond On-Premise. Cloud solutions delivered from SAP, on-premise ABAP and JAVA systems as well as hybrid solutions are all supported by SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Monitoring of the entire software ecosystem is performed from a single lens. Even non-SAP applications can be connected to SAP Solution Manager, providing visibility into the health and activity of all systems to proactively mitigate risks.

SAP Solution Manager vs. Third Party Tools?

Product investments from SAP, continual customer feedback, and an increasingly complex SAP ecosystem have all attributed to the maturity of today’s SAP Solution Manager. These drivers, among others, have resulted in SAP Solution Manager being acknowledged as a market front-runner in several areas. For this reason, more than ever, is it increasingly difficult to develop a business case that justifies the selection of a 3rd party tool as an alternative to many SAP Solution Manager scenarios.

SAP Solution Manager embodies best-of-breed technology for most of its components, including an IT Service Management platform, a Change Control Management framework and a Technical Monitoring solution. Advanced and innovative technology, coupled with the fact that SAP Solution Manager is covered under SAP Support, is motivation alone for organizations to leverage as much functionality as possible.

On the other hand, enterprise guidelines often dictate an organization’s tools strategy. Yes, SAP Solution Manager is equipped and capable to operate as an enterprise ticketing system and change management tool. However, the reality is that many large companies may never have the opportunity to replace their legacy tools with certain components of SAP Solution Manager. For this reason, SAP Solution Manager can be technically integrated with customer’s 3rd party tools to facilitate automation and improved traceability. 

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Migrating to SAP Solution Manager 7.2: The Time is Now

The cooler weather and transformation of the leaves indicates that the end of the calendar year is gradually approaching. Similarly, that short runway of time also applies to the standard support window for SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

Come 2018, mainstream maintenance for 7.1 will have expired. What does this mean for customers who do not upgrade before 2018? When standard support expires, customer-specific maintenance kicks-in. The investments that customers made to their 7.1 system will continue to be supported by SAP however no new innovations or enhancements will be introduced to the 7.1 platform.

Given the short window that remains for standard support, we are recommending that customers immediately mobilize a strategy to advance to SAP Solution Manager 7.2. However, sprinting towards 7.2 adoption should not be driven by pressures associated with the expiration of SAP support. Rather, organizations should be compelled to upgrade to the latest version based upon the recent innovations and robust capabilities delivered with the 7.2 code line.

Made generally available in mid-2016 and now approaching its 6th support package, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is an established platform that deploys the innovations required to meet challenges associated with digital business transformation. With thousands of customers that have already implemented 7.2 and an upgrade path that is well-documented, now is the time to adopt SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

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