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The Intelligent Stadium Leveraging Real-Time Analytics to Optimize Fan Experience Wins Digital Trailblazer Award




The Intelligent Stadium Leveraging Real-Time Analytics to Optimize Fan Experience Wins Digital Trailblazer Award

Techedge | Apr 08, 2019

SAP and the SAP Innovation Awards Team announced “The Intelligent Stadium: Leveraging Real-Time Insights to Optimize Fan Experience"  as the 2019 Digital Trailblazer winner. The SAP Innovation Awards are a comprehensive awards program, open to customers and partners using any SAP product or technology to drive innovation and share their journey towards becoming Intelligent Enterprises. Chosen by over 81 finalist the Intelligent Stadium brings innovation and streamlines analytics like never before.


In an age where instant insight is a necessity to remain competitive, our client was forced to wait two days to consolidate and get insights from the gameday data eliminating their ability to improve fan experience, maximize revenues and increase operational efficiency on game day. 

Watch the video below to see how the Real-time Venue Analytics solution has allowed venue owners and operators to see customer data, in real-time, displayed on a 65 inch touchscreen digital dashboard.


The Future of Real-Time Venue Management 

Operational teams now have the capabilities to review important KPIs related to revenue per attendee and sales frequency by location. Executives can leverage these insights to compare results based on weather, time, month, year and behavioral factors unlike ever before. Historical data can also be accessed to measure current performance against past performance to gauge success and allow for proactive adjustment to increase both revenue and fan satisfaction.

Beyond dashboards, these capabilities can interact with operational teams via SMS text to real-time alerts and escalations. This digital innovation solution brings endless opportunities for any venue looking to bring top-level CRM and customer engagement to their venue. 


Learn more about Real-Time Venue Management 

Creating the optimal venue experience for fans, concert attendees, etc... is a challenging undertaking for a franchise, considering the sheer size and scope of managing a venue. Discover how our sports entertainment customer was able to gain full visibility and control for optimal customer engagement.

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