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The CSO Report: how to pursue an effective Digital Service Transformation

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The CSO Report: how to pursue an effective Digital Service Transformation

Giuseppe Spera | Apr 29, 2020

As reported in our previous blog, the impact of service on business is supposed to grow over the next years since service departments will have a major impact on the area of customer value. By providing excellent after-sales support and differentiating their product proposition, companies can use service as a barrier to competitive replacement and/or to create new revenue streams. 

These were the rules until yesterday! With the global crisis due to the spread of COVID-19, service is playing a vital role for the survival of the organization itself.

As stated in the Servicemax’s CSO Report, service cannot stop, whether applied to a mission critical equipment or to a food distribution warehouse. Indeed, only up and running equipment can guarantee business continuity.

This means that OEMs need to execute scheduled maintenance activities and stay aligned with their current maintenance plan as well as Service Providers have to fulfill customer requests by ensuring the same quality of service and within the agreed SLAs

Here below 5 key areas that service leaders should take care while adapting their field service organization to the ‘new (next?) normal’:

  • Employee Health, Safety, and Protection
  • Customer Communication and Connection
  • Ecosystem Empowerment
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Stabilization

Service leaders can use this uncertain time as an opportunity. By continuing in digitally transforming service, companies can Review their Current Service Offering Portfolio to meet customer needs (with even new expectations), engage in Value Conversations with Customers to use Aftermarket Services as a bridge to Digital Services and achieve higher efficiency even in other field service connected functional areas like supply chain and logistics.


Take the Lead of Digital Service Transformation

The Chief Service Officers (CSO) Report is annually published by ServiceMax and offers you the possibility to further explore how CSO can grow their customer value potential by leveraging the right service strategies.

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