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Techedge is a Panelist at 360 Summit: Industry 4.0



Industry 4.0



Techedge is a Panelist at 360 Summit: Industry 4.0

Techedge | Oct 11, 2017

Rome, Italy - October 2017

Techedge will be participating to the 360 Summit on Industry 4.0 taking place in Rome this October 11th. 

Techedge is a Panelist at the 360 Summit on Industry 4.0 in Rome, Italy

The event draws together important players in the Italian industrial sector with the aim of defining the measures and incentives that will lead to the nationwide adoption of Industry 4.0 practices. Participants will come together to discuss the results that have thus far been achieved and to set the new goals required to support the transformation of the Italian economy, and in particular the Italian industrial sector, into a industry 4.0 centric player.

Techedge will contribute to the discussion at the panel "Industry 4.0, cases and phenomenology of implementation", where we will offer insights and expertise gained from customer experiences and advanced solutions already in use by customers in the industrial sector.

For more information about the event, visit the website: Industry 4.0 - 360 Summit