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Techedge & Xiting for a safe move to SAP S/4HANA






Techedge & Xiting for a safe move to SAP S/4HANA

Techedge | Jul 29, 2020

Techedge announces the partnership with Xiting, the SAP Security company headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in Europe and North America.Thanks to its Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), Xiting provides Techedge with the ability to design, execute, maintain and test user roles to implement and validate the so-called "SAP Security Concept".

Techedge leverages Xiting Suite modules to address a variety of security-related tasks and to expedite SAP S/4HANA projects for which the time required for roles and authorizations migration can be reduced by 75% compared with the typical manual approach;  for the customers this means to obtain high-quality security in a shorter time frame and lower costs. 

Xiting value proposition has a perfect fit to complement Techedge expertise and competence in SAP S/4HANA implementations, as stated by Stefano Sorgi, SAP Practice Manager at Techedge: “Whether you're implementing or migrating to SAP S/4HANA (or even just redesigning your SAP Security Concept), analyzing, updating and testing roles is a time-intensive process. This is where Xiting Authorizations Management Suite comes into play, helping our customers to greatly reduce the project efforts while improving the quality and maintainability of roles. After more than 20 years of SAP experience, I was truly amazed by the automatic role testing feature that virtually eliminates the need for traditional role- or user-acceptance testing (UAT). This also allows us to fix errors massively instead of fixing individual errors as they occur and therefore to avoid any inconvenience to business users during live operations. 

The importance of this partnership is underlined by Michael Kummer, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Xiting: “We are thrilled to have found in Techedge an implementation partner who understands that automation tools, such as the XAMS,  offer a competitive advantage for service providers while reducing the risk of complex SAP S/4HANA migrations for customers.`



Since 2011, Xiting has offered a portfolio of applications under the name Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS). These applications include innovative solutions in the area of SAP user and authorization management, enabling customers to optimize their process flows in order to increase efficiency and reduce project and operating costs many times over.

Xiting is an SAP Special Expertise Partner (SEP) for Compliant Identity Management based on the components SAP Access Control and SAP Identity Management and SAP Silver Partner in the areas of Analytics and Database & Technology.