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Techedge welcomes ESGeo, the sustainability intelligence platform




Techedge welcomes ESGeo, the sustainability intelligence platform

Techedge | Dec 09, 2019

Milano, Italy - December 2019

Techedge (BIT: EDGE) is proud to announce the addition of a new brand to the company’s portfolio: ESGeo, an integrated cloud software application powered by AI specifically designed to manage the entire value chain of the Environmental, Social and Governance factors, helping measure, report and compare the business impact of ESG initiatives.

The ESGeo platform allows companies to collect non-financial data, create detailed sustainability reports and make budgets for business units or single managers - helping them identify and measure material ESG issues, and compare their current ESG positioning with budgets, peers and benchmarks. By increasing the managers’ involvement in achieving corporate sustainability goals, the solution will improve engagement with all stakeholders – included investors, rating agencies and financial communities.

ESGeo - Techedge Group

“ESGeo is a sustainability intelligence platform, able to improve measurement and reporting, to manage and control non-financial KPIs. Its structured process allows to disclosure effectively real impacts and improvements to internal and external stakeholders and increase involvement by c-level and middle management”, explains Fabrizio Fiocchi, CEO at ESGeo. “Non-financial performances are increasingly important for investors, rating agencies and communities. The ability to strategically leverage them, using an advanced tool like ESGeo, will increase value of the Board, will reduce risk of ESG controversies and will strengthen financial company ratios,” he concludes.

“We believe that technology must be at the service of well-being, with the final goal to improve the quality of life, for this reason we are proud to launch the project ESGeo” adds Domenico Restuccia, CEO at Techedge Group. “Most of CEOs are considering today sustainability as an integral part of the company's strategic planning. But if we don’t want just to scratch the surface, this new awareness must become widespread across the entire organization. Ideally ESG goals should be measurable through consistent and auditable digital processes and management should stay constantly engaged via MBOs on such goals.”


For more information: www.esgeo.eu