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Techedge is Principal Sponsor at Automa 2021





Oil and Gas

Techedge is Principal Sponsor at Automa 2021

Techedge | Apr 07, 2021

Techedge is the principal sponsor at Automa 2021 - The Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress - an annual B2B event dedicated to digitalization in the oil and gas sector, gathering 300+ specialists from major companies. The 2021 edition will take place online on April 19-20-21.

Advances in digital technologies are helping the oil and gas industry to reduce costs, make faster and better decisions, increase workforce productivity and become more sustainable. However not all investments in digital technologies really prove to be efficient. With all this hype about digitalization, how can a company evolve the whole chain of operations, achieve significant results, and not become a victim of buzzwords?

The Automa congress brings together key players of the oil and gas market to share transformation roadmaps and effective routes to success by using the full potential of innovative technologies. The 3-day event will explore the latest Industry 4.0 trends applicable to oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream, and downstream), covering topics such as digital business transformation, data and intelligent asset management, IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing, startup solutions, and many others.

As principal sponsor, Techedge Group will join the opening CDO panel discussion with a speech on people-centric transformation, explaining how a pragmatic, tangible approach focused on people is key to effectively leverage new technologies and develop usable, lean solutions.  

We will also join the roundtable on Digital Sustainability, a stream specifically focused on how digital technology can help oil and gas companies realize their sustainability stretegies. Together with Eni, hosting sponsor of the congress, we'll have the opportunity to present the Open-es project, a digital hub for players in the energy sector and industrial supply chains designed to share ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data, experiences and best practices to promote sustainability models.


More on Automa: https://automacongress.com/