Techedge is the official sponsor of Broni 93


Techedge is the official sponsor of Broni 93

Techedge | Sep 12, 2016

We are proud to announce that we are the new main sponsor of Broni 93, now Techedge Broni, a female basketball team playing this year in the major league (A1). This sponsorship reflects our core values as a company and all the elements we believe are key for a successful growth. 

Techedge Broni Basketball Team

Techedge Broni came out of nowhere and, after setting an incredible track record, was promoted last year to the major league A1. This achievement is a demonstration of how success doesn't come by chance, but is created step by step with the right people, vision, passion and dedication – and this is true in work, as well as in sport.

At Techedge, teamwork is one of our most important values: when talented individuals are brought together, inspired by a shared vision and led by a common strategy, they can achieve greater results as a whole than they could even imagine as single elements. 

This is what a basketball team does, when 5 people and an empowering coach join their efforts to win the game; this is what we do as a company, when we help our clients leverage technology to gain competitive advantage in their digital transformation journey.

With this sponsorship, we want to state once again our belief in the value of people, inside and outside work: when talent meets passion, sky is the only limit!