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Techedge is an official partner of MADE: The Industry 4.0 Competency Center



Industry 4.0

Techedge is an official partner of MADE: The Industry 4.0 Competency Center

Techedge | Jan 15, 2019

Techedge is one of 39 partner companies contributing to the creation of "MADE" - an initiative launched by the Politecnico of Milano, one of Italy's leading universities, which aims to support Italian manufacturing companies in embracing the Industry 4.0 revolution.


MADE is a new, highly specialized, innovation hub promoted and co-funded by Italy's Ministry for Economic Development. It's objective is to support SMEs in the implementation of innovation projects which will advance their manufacturing capabilities toward an industry 4.0 paradigm by providing them hands on access to multiple use cases and technologies, which will be made available on a 2,000 square meter campus composed of fourteen technology islands.

Participating companies, which include SAP, Siemens, Bosch and Brembo, are committed to the development of fifteen use cases by September 2019, the campus' official opening. In addition to the hands on digital transformation experience offered by the campus, interested companies will also have access to consultation, training and support services oriented to the launch of new innovation.

Techedge is collaborating with several MADE partners, including SAP Italia, to develop showcases on predictive maintenance, which include a real-time detection and analysis of factory data, as well as the analysis and optimization of energy consumption.

"Techedge's participation in MADE represents a great opportunity for our customers," says Gianni Pelizzo, Director of Industry 4.0 at Techedge. "Over the last several years, it's become clear that innovation of manufacturing and logistics processes is a topic that can't be ignored - the opportunity is too big. Still, change is difficult."

"At Techedge, we have worked to make our services more intelligent, embedding artificial intelligence and higher automation into our application services, while ramping up our full-stack of capabilities (cloud, multicloud, serverless architectures) to ensure both speed and security. Now, with our participation in MADE, we can offer our customers tangible access to a campus where they can see, touch and understand the power this innovation can offer them, we can help them further their knowledge on these topics to formulate even better strategies - and we can do all of this prior to launching an official project," he concludes.


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