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Techedge is an IGI Company 2021




Techedge is an IGI Company 2021

Techedge | Jun 14, 2021

Techedge Group has joined the Integrated Governance Index (IGI), a scientific project developed by ETicaNews in 2016 and now arrived at the sixth edition, and received the label ESG Identity - IGI Company 2021 as an indicator of consistency, commitment and vision on sustainability.

The IGI is the first quantitative index born in Italy with the specific goal of measuring the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors into corporate governance, according to the guidelines already defined by UNEP FI in June 2014.

Since its launch, the IGI project has proven to generate great value for all stakeholders. The analysis allows to compare and identify trends and best practices, promoting a valuable dialogue between investors and managers; businesses themselves can benefit from this research, to increase internal awareness, improve the alignment between functions, and benchmark against themselves and other companies. 

ESG Identity - IGI Company 2021


In fact, the IGI project is today an effective indicator of a company’s ESG Identity. For this reason, companies who accept the challenge of IGI are awarded with the label ESG IDENTITY - IGI COMPANY 2021 as an indicator of the company’s ability to activate a path of transformation and evolution of its identity with an ESG perspective, acting on three areas:

  1. SUSTAINABILITY AS A PRIORITY. It means the company’s willingness to invest in a discussion on ESG topics, engaging with stakeholders and interacting with them, leveraging the process of annual review and submission of the questionnaire as an opportunity for induction on ESG issues.
  2. GOVERNANCE AS AN ENABLING FACTOR. It means that the improvement and comparison on governance - conceived as an enabling factor of long-term sustainable identity - are considered to be important within the company. It’s also a demonstration of having an internal structure with the will and ability to monitor, collect and manage the ESG data necessary to participate.
  3. TRANSVERSAL AWARENESS. It means bringing the discussion on ESG into the heart of the company, soliciting all functions involved and accelerating the transversal sharing of information and skills. A necessary step for a true integration of sustainability into the identity of the company.


We’re very proud of participating for the second year to the Integrated Governance Index, not only as a surveyed subject but also as a scientific partner through our company ESGeo, who will be supporting ETicaNews in the analysis and benchmarking process.

The IGI 2021 results will be presented at the ESG Business Conference, planned for next June 16th.